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29.02.2012, 10:17

When I mount an image it works alright but it dessapears after time and I have to mount it again.

Is there an option for CD being mounted for longer time (until I unmount it)?

I tried burining image to CD but I got an error (cannot locate the cd rom please insert the correct cd rom).

Thanks alot for helping me out!

29.02.2012, 15:01
The error message indicates it's an app/game protected by the Safedisc protection.
Nevertheless that "unmounting by itself" isn't typical for Safedisc and it's also no feature of DAEMON Tools.
Maybe that image is partially corrupted :confused:

Which OS do you have and which DT version are you using ?

Regarding that error message when using a burned disc:
In Preferences/Advanced tick the Safedisc checkbox, then insert the burned disc and try whether it works now.

29.02.2012, 15:26
Hey, thanks for your ansver!

When I go to "advanced", all options including Safedisc are greyed and i can't tick any of those. On the bottom pagie it says that those options shouldn't be used for standard media :confused:,.

Is there another option or program i could use that mounted image would stay mounted permanently?

I use windows XP, DT version is DT Lite

Thanks again!

29.02.2012, 17:20
You are currently using a so called DT drive.
Please add a SCSI drive (requires reboot) and try your image in the SCSI drive.
SCSI devices | daemon-help.com (http://daemon-help.com/en/scsi-devices.html)
If it will be unmounted again your image most likely is corrupted and other programs will act the same.

btw. after the reboot the "Safedisc" option won't be greyed out anymore.

P.S.: if you're using a Comodo product please report back before adding the SCSI device