View Full Version : Daemon Tools Vs. PainKiller TheGame

04.06.2004, 20:57
Operating System: Win XP Pro
Burning Software: Any
Anti-virus Software: Any
DAEMON Tools Version: Any i have tried

I Have tried installing Pain Killer 12 Times and had no luck getting it to run at all. starts to load and crashes out. Dreamcatcher put out a Quick CD Error reporting patch that turns the error code strings into something a non Hex reading Tech can read. the error pain killer reported was "CD/DVD emulation software installed. Remove CD/DVD Emulation software and restart Pain Killer". after uninstalling D-Tools with microsoft installer still got error then tried the more hands on try to uninstalling D-Tool still the error from Pain Killer Was there. after diging in even harder in the registry i was forced to reload XP to play the game after reloading and not installing D-tools Painkiller ran beautifuly. i then tried to install D-Tools and run pain killer same as befor the error retuned. I'm Hopping that this will maybe help in makeing a work around so that i can run Pain Killer and Daemon Tools together.