View Full Version : Java issue with Internet explorer 6.0.2800 under xp sp1

04.06.2004, 22:37

I think, I'm going to become mad :

I use XP Pro SP 1 + Internet Explorer both to last update .
I downloaded Sun Java virtual Machine (from sun official web site) and installed it without any problem (I have not microsoft java VM installed).

The java plug'in is available in configuration pannel and also in internet explorer settings.

I checked all these suggestions : http://java.com/en/download/help/redximage.jsp

But I cannot run properly a HTML page which contains a java applet (available on internet or from my Hard disk) : The Java appplet is not executed properly (I cannot see anything except the html execution part) some errors are reported in the java console (same types as those described in the link) .

I have no problem if I run the html page with (java applet) from borland jbuilder interface .

I don't use any proxy .

Have you an idea ???



05.06.2004, 00:43
Does it work with microsoft java?

Does it work in mozilla/netscape?

05.06.2004, 18:53
Thanks for the answer,

Does it work with microsoft java?

I don't know because microsoft java is not available anymore in microsoft webpages.

I don't use netscape or mozilla (one problem at one time) but I checked that under W2K the same webpages containing java applet run correctly from Internet Explorer (obvioulsy not the same PC) .


08.06.2004, 14:55
I know some people who encountered the very same problems you described. I advised them to downgrade their javavm (sun) to - let's say a older, but more compatible - version. I've 1.4.0.
Maybe you should look for a website that still offers this version (11mb).
BTW, I would email it to you but it's way too large (would be also hard to find on the net).

Did you upgraded from a previous version or was it a clean install?

(Another source for an older version could be StarOffice or OpenOffice! These packages often contain a java runtime, perhaps an older one. They're avaible on magazines.)

Interesting pic: www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=2936