View Full Version : Just can't get this to work.

22.03.2012, 15:18
I've added SCSI drive (after shutting down firewall sw)
Enabled "securom" in the advanced/preferences
Made a *.mdx image and mounted it.
After choosing 'play' this message box opens:

Please insert original disc instead of backup (1000).
....Securom... message....

Enabled all four advanced options and the message changed to:

Conflict with Emulation Software detected.

DT lite ver.
SPTD ver. 1.80

Win XP SP3

Tomb Raider Anniversary
SecuRom ver 07.32.0012 (as shown by protectionID)

22.03.2012, 18:59
DAEMON Tools lite can't perform the Data Position Measurement required for SecuROM games - only DT Pro can.
Either create a new image with DT Pro using the New SecuROM profile, or create a new image with DT lite in
MDS/MDF format and use the attached MDS file instead of yours.

Also please disable all emulation options in advanced preferences; they're only needed for burned CDs/DVDs.


23.03.2012, 05:30
I made a MDF/MDS file pair then swapped the MDS file with the one you sent.
All worked very well.
I can make this working MDS file with the DT pro version?
Thanks, John

24.03.2012, 05:12
Can I make the MDS file like the one you sent me, with DT pro standard?

26.03.2012, 21:10
Sorry, forgot to respond :redface:
Yes, you can create a working MDS (or MDX) image using DT Pro Standard or Advanced.