View Full Version : problem with GTA : Vice City

06.06.2004, 07:26
Operating System: Windows 2000
Burning Software: NERO, CloneCD, Alcohol120%
Anti-virus Software: V3Pro2002Deluxe
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

It's my first time trying to install something with DAEMON / Alcohol120%.

I move around a lot, and I got sick of carrying all those CD's around, so I decided to start using this.

My first attempt was Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The installation process went fairly well, no errors or such. About 50% through, it asked for the second CD. I mounted that image, and the installation continued. After it was complete, I set DAEMON emulation to securom. I went to Start - Programs - Rockstar Games - and started GTA: Vice City.

However, an error message popped up. It said "Wrong disc inserted. Please insert Vice City PLAY disc." Typically, I'd checked the Virtual CD-drive to see if the play disc was mounted, and it was. I tried again, but still the same message popped up. I put the emulation settings to "All options ON" but the same thing again. :?

I even tried it with Alcohol120%, but yes...the same thing happened. :cry:

Am I doing the process wrong? I must be, because it seems I'm too stupid to even install with a virtual cd.... :!: :?:

plz help......

06.06.2004, 13:41
Operating System: XP Pro
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

GTA VC is protected with SecuRom 4.x New. I made an image with Alcohol with DPM (*.mds/*.mdf) and it works fine for me. If you had a perfect image (CloneCD can't do it), emulation isn't neccessary!

How did you build the image? Any updates for the game installed?

06.06.2004, 14:53
I got the images from Alcohol....(Maybe I'm using Alcohol wrong?) A friend also sent me some images of GTA:VC... His works fine...

There's an install image (Disc 1) and a play image (Disc 2).

06.06.2004, 19:47
To make a perfect image you have to know the protection of the cd to copy all neccessary data into the image. For example securom old uses data in the subchannels, safedisc not. An image without subchannel data will work without emulation for safedisc, but not for securom old.

The setup of nearly all games don't check the protection, but the main exe will do. So the image of the play-cd is the important one!

Maybe you choosed the wrong template in Alcohol or your drive isn't able to read the needed data from the cd!?

Try to make a new image from disc 2 with Alcohol and the SecuRom New settings with slow speed.