View Full Version : The Saboteur: Saying "put in original disc"?

26.03.2012, 17:33
Hi, I'm new here.

I recently bought lifetime upgrades with DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced and found out, after making an image of The Saboteur, with New SecuROM as profile, that it said as it said in the topic. I have lowered DPM and reading speed as it creates the image, but to no avail...:frown:

Also, I bought The Saboteur in a local store, and it's not Steam...

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

26.03.2012, 21:07
What kind of virtual drive are you using ?
DT ones don't work, only SCSI and IDE drives provide advanced emulation which is needed for SecuROM.

Most common reasons for that SecuROM message are:
- bad Data Position Measurement (for DVDs maximum speed is recommended)
- high CPU load during check
- Security software disturbing the check / messing up the emulation timing
- overclocking
- (very) fragmented HDD
- SecuROM screwing things up (use the official SecuROM Removal Tool (https://support.securom.com/removaltool.html) and try again after a reboot)

If everything fails i can upload a proved MDS file for Saboteur.

26.03.2012, 21:47
Could be just it... I am using a SCSI virtual drive, but wrote the image with slowest DPM... and got this...

26.03.2012, 21:58
If everything fails i can upload a proved MDS file for Saboteur.
Oh! Thanks a lot! :)

EDIT: I am now writing another mds file to the hard drive, we'll see how it goes...

26.03.2012, 22:36
Darn... it did not... I got the very same error window again by SecuROM... "error 1000"

27.03.2012, 06:30
Hopefully this one works: 1404

btw. what kind of DVD drive do you have ?

27.03.2012, 07:20
It's built into my laptop, a Blu-Ray drive.

EDIT: It works!!! Thank you so much!!!