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01.04.2012, 20:52
Hello, I'm having a rather serious issue with my Daemon tools. I mount my ISO like I always have for the past 8 years or more and proceed to install my game. During the installation Daemon tools UNMOUNTS the ISO file and I get a "disk not ready" error. This happens with Age of Reckoning and Mass Effect 3 and any new game I install usign Daemon tools.

I really need help plz. I can't understand why it unmounts on certain files even when I drag all the files off onto my HDD. This just started after latest Daemon tools update.

Any info would be greatly appreciated :)

02.04.2012, 15:12
This happens with Age of Reckoning and Mass Effect 3 and any new game...How have you created those images and where are they located ?

Have you cross-checked they're working fine with older DT versions ?

03.04.2012, 23:47
Images are downloaded from other users. Reviews show that they are all fully working. Even old images wont work anymore. And older version will no longer work as well.

04.04.2012, 15:46
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