View Full Version : "Reboot is required for changes to take effect."

12.04.2012, 05:09
Every time I try do something, I get the bar saying "updating virtual devices", then the bar saying "mounting image", then I get a box saying "Reboot is required for changes to take effect."

I've already restarted my computer a few times, but nothing seems to have changed.

Also, I get a box saying something about a compatability check faliure with Windows XP for installation, but I click 'continue anyway'.

I looked on the site to make sure I was doing eveything right, and it looks as tough I am...

Using Windows XP and DT Lite.

Help please? :confused:

12.04.2012, 15:02
Which DT lite version exactly ?
Is your XP system up-to-date (Service Pack) ?
Which security software(s) are you using ?

Ivana kako god
07.10.2012, 14:33
I have the same problem. I rebooted my computer but it still won't work, still sending me this msg
what to do?
help pls :)

Ivana kako god
07.10.2012, 14:34
oh, one more thing my XP is service pack 2, andI took deamon tools pro 5.1. or smth, I use AVAST anti virus

07.10.2012, 21:53
I'd first uninstall SPTD -if installed- , open the DAEMON Tools install dir and run the appropriate SPTDinst-x__.exe
Reboot, if requested, then uninstall DAEMON Tools Pro.

Now for testing purposes uninstall avast.
Have a look here how to save your current avast settings: https://support.avast.com/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=1241

Reboot and reinstall DT Pro.

...I forgot, the very first thing i would do is patching the OS up-to-date