View Full Version : can't explore CD nor mounted image

08.06.2004, 10:10
Operating System: Win XP pro
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: antivir
DAEMON Tools Version: the lattest

I have quite a problem, and would appreciate some help.. I installed Daetmon tools, used it, worked well and all...

Then (maybe after I tried a few emulation options, not sure), I was unable to read my CD-roms (with neither of my both CD-player, I had troubles with hardware so tried both) nor mounted images with DT!

Windows send me that error message :
Windows cannot read from this disk. This disk might corrupted or is using a format that is not compatable with Windows.

Nero infoTool can still see the CDs or image and all...I tried a few stupid things to have windows read it but nothing worked!

If you have any idea of what happened and how I could repair it..


08.06.2004, 11:20
Try to change ASPI drivers to e.g. v4.60 (via ForceASPI 1.7), or official Adaptec 4.71.2.

08.06.2004, 12:50
I tried, and that didn't change anything (at least I still can't read my CDs nor my mounted images) ;(

21.06.2004, 10:59
Ok I kept trying to change ASPI and it just never worked, somebody has another idea? (I'm getting tired of not being able to read any CDs)