View Full Version : Update to DAEMON Tools Lite 4.45.4 stalls: Invalid server response.

16.04.2012, 04:58
Anyone else having this problem? From within Daemon Tools Lite, I checked for updates.

Result was that a new version was available: DAEMON Tools Lite 4.45.4

I clicked Update and it started downloading. At 12546749/14259736 bytes, it stalls and a dialog box pops up stating: Invalid server response.

It repeats this after rebooting Windows. Happens in Vista Ultimate and on Win 7 Home.

Any ideas?

24.04.2012, 04:11
Same thing here, can the servers really have been down for a week now? Could any admins be able to offer a solution here? Thanks.

24.04.2012, 09:25
Please try to download DTLite from disc-tools.com (http://disc-tools.com/download/dtlite) manually.

24.04.2012, 21:06
Should we do a clean uninstalling before manually reinstalling DTLite?

25.04.2012, 11:28
No, it is not necessary. If previous installation was correct, upgrade should be performed without any problems.

11.05.2012, 10:04
i had this problem too. previous installation was correct - got it from your site.

just downloaded newer version from your site, manual update went without a hitch.