View Full Version : Setting Daemon Tools to use specific drive letter in a Batch

24.04.2012, 21:03
Good afternoon Everyone,

I'm creating a script to make bootable flash drives for use for our MDT server here. My script starts diskpart, requests the user to enter the steps to clean and format a flash drive (Boy do I wish that could be automated), and then kicks off a second script where the batch opens Daemon Tools, mounts the iso, and then copies the data from the ISO to the flash drive. HOWEVER, I want Daemon tools to always take a certain letter so this script can be ran anyone's computer.

Does anyone know of a way to either assign daemon to use a specific drive letter (Yes, I've seen of BTEWin, but I don't want to have everyone using third party software for this to work) or be able to tell it which drive letter to assign it to.

Here is my script for notes:

Start /wait Diskpart
Call "C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Lite\dtlite.exe" -mount 0, "\\SERVERNAMEHERE\C$\Software\Imaging Software\LiteTouchPE_x86.iso"
ping -n 2 localhost>NUL
xcopy F:\*.* M:\ /E /y

Thanks for much for the help! :)