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11.05.2012, 15:24
Currently I'm using the latest version of Daemon Tools Lite, Apparently when ever I mount a disk nothing happens then it will ask for 2nd disk everything is fine, but when it comes back to asking for the 1st disk I mount it and eventually I get BSOD all the time, This only happens to the disk but when I mount other games, I don't seem to get BSOD, only this certain game, is there something wrong with the ISO file or the Program,


11.05.2012, 19:06
Please attach latest minidump available (c:\windows\minidump).

11.05.2012, 20:08
Minidump.rar (http://www.mediafire.com/?3gc5qp1g5i49dol)

Attachment page doesn't work for me so I hope mediafire will do

15.05.2012, 12:59
Which game is it ?
Already tried to create a new image of disc 2 ?

15.05.2012, 13:41
Please also temporarily disable the avast! Real-Time shields.