View Full Version : Access denied when mounting Server 2008 R2 image (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!)

13.05.2012, 22:06
I need to mount an image for use with Virtual PC to create a virtual domain for testing reasons. Used ImgBurn to ccreate image from Server 2008 R2. Once image is created i mount with Daemon Tools. When i go into my computer i notice that the virtual drive has then image mounted but its like it has the icon when Windows doesnt know what program to associate with the file. thinking that the file might have been corrupt i went back to microsoft.com and went back to download. Downloaded file, created image with IMG, mount seems to have gone OK, once i go into My Computer i see that the file still looks like windows still doesn't know what to do with it. I click the drive (virtual) within the my computer window and get access denied although i can explore the image. This is holding up my test lab PLEASE HELP

16.05.2012, 15:36
Please contact the official first level support with reference to this thread: Contact Technical support - Disc Soft store (http://www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg/techsupport)
Also please provide more details like your OS and DT version.
Are other images accessible in the current environment ?