View Full Version : the image mounts but the screen is blank

18.05.2012, 04:35
I have an ISO of x-men legends 2 and when i mount the image nothing happens it will say mounting image but when it gets to macromedia flash play 7 nothing happens all there is is the file options with open

18.05.2012, 10:20
ISO format won't work anyway because the protection on that DVD is Safedisc 4
Create a new image of the original disc using the MDS/MDX format.

18.05.2012, 14:28
thanks for the help now how do I create an MDS/MDX format?

18.05.2012, 19:38
Have a look at this help topic: Creating disc image | daemon-help.com (http://daemon-help.com/en/general_use_lite/work_with_images_lite/create_image_lite.html?quicktabs_help_block=1#quic ktabs-help_block)

...and just in case: no, you can't use the mounted ISO as source.

19.05.2012, 00:28
now im trying to create a disk image of the first disk and i keep getting this error "read operation had hit ECC/EDC bad(recoverable) block

19.05.2012, 10:50
Sorry, i was thinking you have the 1 DVD version, but it seems you have the 3 CD version.
Those "bad blocks" are part of the Safedisc copy protection (on CD).
In this case you need to uninstall DT lite and install the trial of DT Pro to be able to create a working image with the Safedisc profile.
In contrast to DT Pro the lite version isn't capable of skipping those bad blocks.
Depending on your drive that skipping can take from a few minutes up to an hour.

For starting the game the SCSI drive of DT lite should be enough.

19.05.2012, 16:52
Guess i now understand what you meant with "Macromedia Flash Player" in your initial post.
Seems to be some kind of Launcher which probably doesn't work properly on your system.
Browse the content of CD1 and use the Setup.exe (or similar name) instead.