View Full Version : Will DT support virtual burnable media, specifically DVD-R DL?

27.05.2012, 08:09
I know this may seem like a dumb question, but there's a good reason for asking about something so silly.

Pixela software which comes with Caonon camcorders for authoring DVDs/BR discs only supports one DVD DL media type, DVD-R DL. It does not support +R DL discs. I don't have access to -R DL media. So, what I'm hoping I can find some software that will create a virtual DVD-R DL disc that I can use with the pixela software to create a virtual DVD-R DL image which I can then burn to +R DL discs.

I know DT can do a lot, but I can't see how to do this. I suspect it's not supported and just wanted confirmation.

27.05.2012, 13:58
Afaik there are no plans to implement such a feature in DT Pro.
For your purpose i recommend this app: Phantom Drive (http://www.phantom-drive.com/en/default.htm)


28.05.2012, 00:08
Thanks, for the confirmation and suggesting Phantom Drive. I'll give it a look.