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27.05.2012, 17:23
So, I seem to be having some serious issues with DT Lite. It seems unable to create virtual discs and whenever I use the SPTD drivers it causes bluescreen (and allowing them to load on startup means I get a bluescreen as soon as windows starts to load, which was quite the nuisance). Whenever I try to create a virtual disc I get the Error 1500 ("DAEMON Tools Pro driver error: 1500").
I'm on a Windows XP (SP 3, 32-bit) and pretty much the first thing I tried was updating to the latest version of DT Lite, and I've tried reinstalling it as well.

So, yeah, my next course of action is to inform you, try another emulating software and also try to revert to an older version, to see if that works. Any other suggestions?

28.05.2012, 11:20
Do you use any security software?

28.05.2012, 18:22
No. Just an external firewall and use sandboxie for things that seem a bit suspicious.
As expected it did not work with other software, suggesting that this is in fact not an issue with (though it may be caused by) Daemon tools.

29.05.2012, 09:40
We need special logs from your system:

1. Please, download "DTLogger.exe" from our server http://files.disc-soft.com/download/DTLogger.exe
2. Run DTLogger.exe and click Install.
3. Then select "Start Common logging" option and click RUN.
4. Reproduce reported problem.
5. Return to DTLogger window and click STOP.
6. Then click Finish.
7. Explorer window will be opened in user profile folder.
8. Find "DAEMONToolsLog.zip" file and send this file to support-eml@disc-soft.com with the link to current thread.