View Full Version : Only boots to WIndows 98 screen then freezes

09.06.2004, 13:58
Operating System: win 98 se
Burning Software: philips/CeQuadrat write2cd (
Anti-virus Software: eztrust antivirus
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

First i should explain that i have one partition with win 98 se and one with win xp pro. I am currently using xp pro to try to sort out my 98 partion.
I can boot win 98 in safe mode but the system halts at the windows 98 loading screen. There is no option to stop loading dtools scsi driver using the Esc key

I've uninstalled Daemon tools, and gone through the system devices, i have also looked in windows/system32/drivers and windows/system/iso?? and not seen anything which i think needs removing (Which file exactlly need removing, there are ones which are listed as virtual drive devices but not ones that seem directly related to Daemon tools)

In short none of the help i have seen in the forum seems to sort the problem.
Any suggestion;. I could really do without having to format and re-install everything

09.06.2004, 14:02
Try to rename pnphlp.vxd in DOS mode (via F8 at boot), then start Windows, and report if it still freezes.

09.06.2004, 14:53
Thanks a lot that seems to have worked.

Any idea of how to get DT to work, without freezing my system?

Thanks again