View Full Version : Impossible to add virtual drive (but drive is created) and to mount image disk...

11.06.2012, 11:55
Hello i use windows seven pro 32bits and Daemon Tool Lite

When i try to add a virtual drive, i have an error "impossible to add virtual drive" (french translation) but the drive is created and visibled but don't work.
Drives created are not listed in the DTPro agent... and it's impossible to mount image.

I try to install DT lite with administrator setting but it doesn't work anymore.

Any solutions ?



11.06.2012, 12:30
Hello Mike,

what type of device did you try to add (DT, SCSI)?

11.06.2012, 12:53
Hello Mike,

what type of device did you try to add (DT, SCSI)?

Hello Sway,

by default i think it's a DT and i add another DT. Now, i have two virtual drive but they don't work.


11.06.2012, 13:26
Please attach or share your "C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.dev.log" file.

Also please follow these steps:

Go to Device Manager.
Double click on one of problem devices.
Find error code on General tab and post it here.

11.06.2012, 13:59
here log -> http://mjourdes.free.fr/forum/setupapi.dev.log.zip

What i see on my screen.


Drive created seems ok but don't appear in DTlite...

11.06.2012, 14:10
Only DVD RW is real, BD-Rom are virtual drives...
In DTlite, impossible to remove them, they are invisible.

11.06.2012, 14:11
Did you run DTLite when logged in locally or via Remote Desktop Connection?

11.06.2012, 14:15
Via remote Desktop Connection !

11.06.2012, 14:48
It is standard Windows security restriction for remote desktop sessions in local security policy.

1. Open Start menu -> Run... -> type gpedit.msc and press Enter.
2. Navigate in the resulting window to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Removable Storage Access.
3. There you will find setting called "All Removable Storage: Allow direct access in remote sessions". Enable this policy.

This issue is absolutely not related to DAEMON Tools. You can install any other CD/DVD burning software (i.e., CDBurnerXP) and run it in Remote Desktop Session. Burning program will not detect even your physical DVD drive.

11.06.2012, 14:51
It's seems that installing DT lite via RDC is the problem, Isn't it ?

11.06.2012, 15:02
Thank you very much Sway.
I change settings in gpedit.
I remove and reinstall DT Lite and... It works fine !!!

Problem resolved ! :applouse: