View Full Version : DT Pro Admin,virtual device update and adding new virtual device problem

29.07.2012, 03:20
Hi Installed the new version of daemon tools pro (5.1.0) and I have encounterd the following problems:

1) Daemon tools always requests for Administrator before it runs and after it exits (twice on each start once on exit).

2) Updates virtual devices after every exit and won't run again until it finishes (about a minute), if interupted (taskkill) asks for reboot.

3) If I try to add a virtual device it gets stuck at adding virtual device (the clock continues to work)

4) If I set it to run on boot it asks for Admin (twice again)

None of the above happened when I was using the 4.41 version but version 5.0 had the same problems as the 5.1.0

I use windows 7 x64

30.07.2012, 12:19
Please also contact the official first-level support with reference to this thread: Contact Technical support - Disc Soft store (http://www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg/techsupport)

01.08.2012, 01:46
Ok I just sent them a message. Thanks

14.08.2012, 00:24
I found something that makes the loading part better.
After reinstalling from safe mode and rebooting to normal I added a DT an SCSI and an IDE virtual drive and now the update virtual device part takes only 3-4 seconds, though they must not be removed as everything will be like before.

Also at random times it now installs the DTSOFT Virtual CdRom Device even though it's supposedly installed. Maybe this is causing all the problems?