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01.08.2012, 03:13
I have just purchased DT Pro Adv.

I am trying to create a library of Star Trek Next Gen for ease of viewing. It appears to be copy protected, but I do not know what type. I have searched the forum for advice, but most of it is very old and outdated.

Can one of the admins please suggest a technique or utility that will reliably identify the copy protection mechanism.

01.08.2012, 08:27
Try to use ProtectionID (http://pid.gamecopyworld.com/).

03.08.2012, 21:41

Thanks for your quick response, but I had to download and unpack it 4 times before I could even get its help .chm file to run. No matter what I do the main protection_id.exe gives nothing but crash reports. (Green terminal looking screens)

I have been attempting to run it on both 32 and 64 bit W7Pro in admin mode with no success. Must you donate to get a running version or do you have any other ideas?

Thanks again.

08.08.2012, 13:07
I am trying to create a library of Star Trek Next Gen for ease of viewing.Are you talking about the just released Blu-ray movie edition ?
If so, DAEMON Tools can't be used to remove BD (and DVD) movie copy protections ...and isn't advertised to be capable.

For movies you have to check out products like AnyDVD, DVDFab or the free MakeMKV (if you want to remux the episodes to MKV format).