View Full Version : daemons tools pro can't make image bioshock

04.08.2012, 04:11
I choose new secure rom and type image mds/mdf, and get this error: failed call asociated DPM, the game is instaled and works fine, but can't make a image of the disk.

08.08.2012, 13:41
Is SPTD installed/active ? Check in the Help->About information.
If so, your drive maybe isn't capable of performing the DPM, or you have to try a different DPM speed setting.

Create an MDS/MDF image using the data disc profile, when finished exchange the MDS file with the attached one.
Now mount that image in a virtual SCSI or IDE drive.

08.08.2012, 15:46
SPTD is not installed, before install I make a image correctly, but yasu is not working whit the last daemon pro, and without yasu the game not working, and show this message: "can´t play with backup please instert the original disc"

08.08.2012, 19:54
Advanced Emulation, as required by SecuROM titles, does only work with virtual drives using SPTD.
Install SPTD, create a virtual SCSI or IDE drive and try again.

Of course it will only work with a successful/good DPM measurement.
If you'll get the same error message in the SCSI drive please try the attached MDS file instead of yours.

09.08.2012, 05:43
It works, before I can´t create a virtual drive ide or scsi, now I make a ide virtual drive, mount the mds file (read from original disc) and load the game perfectly, finally! Thanks.