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11.06.2004, 18:45
Soldner was working perfectly until yesterday. (DTools 3.46, image built with alcohol 120%)
A new patch (28446) has been released today. I installed the patch and when i start Soldner now, the game auto-ejects (!) all virtual drives, and thus cannot be launched. The RPMS emulation is also auto-deactivated each time i launch Soldner...

New kind of funny counter-measure ?? :o
Does anyone have an idea ??

11.06.2004, 19:05
I also tried to uninstall D-Tools and reinstall it in a non-standard path ("C:\Program Files\mandaloe"), bus driver name ("toto") and mini-port name ("titi") but it still does not work.

12.06.2004, 18:56
thx, is confirmed by several users. We take this countermeasures
seriously and currently working on major update

13.06.2004, 23:20
great LocutusofBorg i think to much game BL both GREAT DT and alcohol, just my little idea maybe more often update for daemon tool needed , imean not wait for 10 games BL it, if 1 or 2 does mayne a little blacklist ONLY update can hit the web fast :)

14.06.2004, 21:05
I used FileMon to watch Soldner at start-up.

It looks for the daemon.dll in your Windows directory to detect D-Tools. I changed it's name and hex-edited daemon.exe to accomodate for this change.

Soldner didn't recognize D-Tools anymore, but it seems there has been something changed in the SecuRom detection, as D-Tools wasn't able to fool SecuRom anymore.

Some more in-depth change and SecuROM emulation is needed it seems.

15.06.2004, 17:35

this is only to confirm that Transport Gigant (german) (Securom Version 5.03.03) is behaving the same way.


01.07.2004, 02:02
the new spellforce addon, has the same prob.

it althought switches all selected emulations off und ejects the image, so don*t forget to improve this offswitching, too.

thx for ur nice work


20.07.2004, 04:36
Any updates on how things are progressing on getting around this blacklisting?

20.07.2004, 08:59
Things are goin' pretty well, but due to the fact that Daemon Tools will run through a major update, it'll take some time 'till the next version will be released.
In the meantime remember: Next version will be released, when it's done :mrgreen: