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17.08.2012, 12:56

Having a MSDN Account, I've installed Windows 8 Professional and SPTD Drivers 1.81 (with preliminary support to Windows 8). While drivers appear installed, DT Pro doesn't find them and, therefore I can't run any vSCSI or VIDE devices at all, only DT virtual devices.

I don't know if it's a SPTD or DTPro issue but I'd like to know if this can be fixed or not.

Thanks in advance. :)

18.08.2012, 15:37
i guess problem is in inaccessible Enum registry folder

18.08.2012, 22:38
i've got email from developer that they working on new Daemon version that will support Windows 8 RTM build

19.08.2012, 15:29
Glad to know that. :D

06.09.2012, 14:13
I'm very happy to say new sptd drivers from duplex secure allow DT Pro vide/vscsi devices to work under Windows 8 OS. ;)

06.09.2012, 14:49
Unfortunately I've made several tests and after rebooting windows 8, one of the vide devices I added before, suddenly stop to work.
I've also noticed a secure remove icon on tray bar (while on windows 7 vide devices don't show secure remove icon). It seems the vide
driver is not properly working under windows 8, so it's not only a SPTD issue. :(

06.09.2012, 16:01
New Update.

It seems only ONE vide device can work. If I add a second vide device it doesn't work and Windows can't assign a drive letter to it.
I hope Dev Team will fix it soon. ;)

10.09.2012, 02:30
We are currently investigating this issue. It seems to be some bug in Windows 8 - after reboot it scans only device 0 on each vIDE channel, thus devices 1 and 3 do not appear (only devices 0 and 2 are working).

But we have found some workaround - after you added some IDE device first time in DT PRO you can do as follows:

1) Open device manager in Windows and locate "Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller" in "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" section.
If you have several such controllers (eg. physical IDE controllers may have such name as well) then make sure you locate the one for DT PRO by switching View in device manager to show "Devices by connection" and checking that vIDE device is listed under ATA Channel 0.

2) Now right-click on located IDE controller and select Uninstall.

3) Open "Tools->Virtual Device Manager" inside DT PRO, disable IDE adapter and then again reenable it.

From now on all IDE devices will work even after reboot.
It is currently unknown why such trick is needed but it seems to work.
You can do it any time (not necessarily right after first IDE device addition) and even after reboot (when you found that some vIDE devices do not work).

11.09.2012, 14:16
Just to complete the thread.

After installing DT pro (latest version) on Windows 8 (RTM - technet version) Ithis error appeard Driver error 1500.:dispirited:

My advise: before you dive into registy setting or using "work arrounds" Lets just wait until a new version come's availible. :rolleyes:

11.09.2012, 14:58
Latest DT Pro works on Win 8 rtm perfectly. Your just need install SPTD 1.83 first.

12.09.2012, 13:50
Thanks for your tip. It works like a charm but I can't understand why Windows 8 detects vide as a "removable device" (I don't like remove icon :))
instead of what happens under Windows 7 OS.

12.09.2012, 14:33
...I can't understand why Windows 8 detects vide as a "removable device"Only when something is mounted, or also when empty ?

13.09.2012, 09:44
Also when empty. ;)

13.09.2012, 16:33
We cannot reproduce "Safe removal" situation in Windows 8 rtm - neither vSCSI nor vIDE devices are listed there.

13.09.2012, 18:45
If I add vscsi or vide I see "safe removal" icon on tray bar while when I add only DT Adapter, safe remove icon disappears.
A friend of mine has the same issue.

13.09.2012, 19:58
I wouldn't call that an issue ;)
Regarding DT devices it's the same behaviour in Windows 7: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/safely-remove-hardware-list-29204/

14.09.2012, 10:37
I never had that behaviour in Windows 7 x64 SP1.

29.10.2012, 22:05
I'm stuck with IDE channels 0 and 2, (one device per IDE channel). The workaround did not work for my case. With 5.1 I saw the bugged devices on those channels after reboot. With 5.2, only devices 0 and 2 are visible anyhow.

30.10.2012, 19:52
Any support for Daemon Tools Lite? Can I run the latest version under Windows 8?

31.10.2012, 18:27
Due to some bug in Windows 8 we have decided to limit support for only 2 IDE devices in latest Pro (i.e. one device per channel). Win 7 and before still supports 4.
This may change though in future Win 8 releases if MS fixes their bugs or if we find some user-friendly workaround.
What concerns DT Lite it is possible to run under Windows 8 if you install SPTD 1.83 first.

01.11.2012, 02:04
Considering some of us don't care about the workaround being user-friendly (as in I'm fine with the previous workaround or even more obscure ones) could we enable the previous behavior in any way? (undocumented registry key maybe?) I've had to upgrade my development platform to 8 and this change to vIDE would be quite inconvenient for me (would force me to add/remove SCSI drives continously).

01.11.2012, 15:11
Dear Nodens,

Could you explain why 2 IDE drives are not enough for you?
Thank you in advance!

01.11.2012, 17:59
It has to do with my project workflow that involves loading a lot of images. I actually could use more than 4 but I've settled to 4 so that I can use only vIDE drives (which in turn allows me to run some games from my backup images without me having to remove SCSI controller+drives everytime I want to take a break from work). I understand that my situation is probably niche but if you could leave a backdoor to the old behaviour it would be appreciated. Otherwise I'll have to enable/disable SCSI and vIDE on demand:)