View Full Version : DAEMON Tools Gadget Installer Download

31.08.2012, 07:57
I am using Windows 8, and I have just installed 8GadgetPack (http://8gadgetpack.bplaced.net/) which brings back the gadgets.
I was just wondering if there is a standalone installer for the DAEMON Tools gadget.


04.09.2012, 19:47
There's no standalone download, but the gadget can be installed afterwards by running the InstallGadget.exe in the Dt lite installation folder.

04.09.2012, 23:12
Thanks for your reply, Terramex.
I see it all there.

06.09.2012, 07:47
Just a note.

I guess you won't be supporting the Gadget in Windows 8, but the DAEMON Tools gadget kept crashing the gadget sidebar, so I had to close it.
No problems with any other gadget that I have used so far.