View Full Version : Will DAEMON Tools Lite deactivate after....

04.09.2012, 07:32
Hello, I'm using Windows Vista and have downloaded DAEMON Tools Lite v4.45.4 (with SPTD 1.81). I plan on being offline for more than a couple months and my question is, will DT Lite deactivate after a long period of being offline?. Due to it not being able to contact the server. I'm holding off on installing until I get an answer.

I do have an older version of DT Pro Standard v.4.36.0309 but I remember that it needs to phone home every so often so I thought DT lite might be a solution to my problem.

04.09.2012, 20:42
If you're using a free license of DT lite the product can be used offline without a time limit.

05.09.2012, 03:54
Thanks very much for answering my question, cheers man!.