View Full Version : HD Mounting w/multiple CD images....Need quick help!

26.12.2002, 04:44
First out, Merry Christmas to all & Seasons Greetings!!!
hope u peepz are enjoyin dis occasion

Anyhow, how is it possible to install a mounted game and continue the installation when there are 3 CD images (.bin / .iso) in total for the installation...? i.e: Mafia (the game!! ) I've tried mounting 3 virtual drives with daemon and putting each Cd on those 3 drives to beable to continue with the installation setup since the setup freezes at some point i guess when it finishes installing from the first image Cd and doesn't know where to get the rest from? (am I right?) I used Alcohol120 and CDR-Win5 to 1:1 copy those so they are perfectly working....

Thnx in advance,
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26.12.2002, 10:32
Setup should not freeze - it should ask for the next cd. If it freezes there is something wrong with your images. How did you create the images (software/drives used)?

26.12.2002, 15:34
Press ALT-TAB to return to desktop, than mount next image to the same Drive as first CD, than press ALT-TAB again and bingo-> setup should work. Or you can use 3rd-party Tools (available on our HP, like Daemon Automount).