View Full Version : Incorrect Download Link in 'My licenses' page

17.10.2012, 02:10
Greetings to all!

This is my 1st post.

I purchased DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced and Astroburn Pro.

When I went into "My licences' page after logging in, the link to download DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced has been replaced with a link to download Astroburn Pro.

i.e. I can only download Astroburn Pro 3.1.0.

In the 'Downloads Page' all the links are correct.

Thanks in advance.

17.10.2012, 17:38
Hmm :confused:
Can't reproduce using Firefox.

17.10.2012, 20:12
I've used IE9, Chrome & Firefox and get the same thing.

Maybe it is my account.

Should I contact support?

22.10.2012, 16:41
Yes, do so if you like.

27.10.2012, 06:43
Everything has been sorted out. Thanks