14.06.2004, 10:58
Operating System: win xp pro
Burning Software: nero 6/instant copy
Anti-virus Software: norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

I am eager to play both FAR CRY & the new THIEF 3 game and be able to put the discs on which they came; away in the cupboard.

However, even though making & mounting images of CD games works fine; no matter what I do with the DVD ROM images I have made (using either DVD DECRYPTER or ALCHOHOL 120%) when trying to run the games withthe MDS image mounted, I am always confronted with an error box telling me that the emulation software has caused a confliction. from that point on I can not 'unmount' the DVD image or use it. I just have to restart the PC to get rid of it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dean Aldridge (UK)

14.06.2004, 10:59
Try v3.46 - v3.33 is blacklisted for sure!

14.06.2004, 11:05
What do you mean exactley...blacklisted?

I am new to the CD emulating scene to please take it easy on me.


14.06.2004, 12:02
When a program Black list another that means it doesn't allow it to work :

When Safedisc 3 has been inttroduces (far cry protection on DVD), it checks DAEMON TOOLS use an if yes forbidd the use of for CRY so that it is impossible to play from an image.

DAEMON TOOLS 3.46 was modified compare to 3.43 so that safedisc didn't prevent anymore the use of a DAEMON TOOLS.

14.06.2004, 17:00
I think I understood that?????

'just kidding'

So, let me get this right. In this case, a DVD Protection Prog is used (SAFEDISC) by the software company behind the game; thus preventing piracy. However, DAEMON is updated to include these updates and thereofre is able to work around them?

Am I correct?

Well I've updated my DAEMON to the latest version (3.46) and I have UT2004 DVD working but THIEF 3 (the newest one) will not. Is it because it uses a more up-to-date piracy protection? Do I/should I be enabling any of the options in the DAEMON sys try? i.e. RMPS, SAFEDISC etc?


14.06.2004, 20:37
You shall check the protection type of the game you want to use and then search in the forum if DAEMON is blacklisted or not .

For example Starforce 3 protected game don't work from a virtual image because it detects that there are some IDE devices available and in this case don't run from a SCSI device (DAEMON is seen as a SCSI device) .

This is a constant struggle of DAEMON TOOLS conceptors to solve black list problems .