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Bob Richter
18.06.2004, 14:28
Operating System: WinXP
Burning Software: CloneCD
Anti-virus Software: (trying to slide with nothing for the time being)
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

Seems DAEMON Tools doesn't fool the copy protection on the latest in the NWN expansion series. *sigh*

HoTU recognizes my Stealth DVD as a copy and sends me to the SecuROM site for details (their way of gloating, I imagine. :roll: )

Any help here?

I guess in the meantime, I'll keep causing wear and tear on my expensive CD.... :x

18.06.2004, 14:44
Your CloneCD version is probably blacklisted, try to disable hide ATIP function/tray, and/or to un-install CloneCD.
Also be sure to use image with DPM data (e.g. Alcohol or Blindwrite), CloneCD image won't work!

10.07.2004, 13:02
Operating System: winxp
Burning Software: disc juggler,alchohol 120,nero 6.3
Anti-virus Software: mcav not sure which version
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

this happenswith all securom games, they detect that daemon is running . perimeter is another example. when you attempt to run it it says emulation software detected and refers you to securom/emulation. what do theadmins reccommend we do

10.07.2004, 13:09
You should try v3.46 :mrgreen: 3.33 is outdated :idea:

28.07.2004, 13:06
nope an update doesnt help. I think they blacklisted D-Tools:(

28.07.2004, 13:26
Which update version do you use? Did you try to un-install CloneCD?