View Full Version : ? WinISO modified BINs cannot be mounted by D-Tools

19.06.2004, 04:11
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: n/a
Anti-virus Software: n/a
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46


There is a problem that I have been experiencing with D-Tools for many versions (I have never seen it work before).

I find that whenever I create a BIN/CUE iso with WinISO 5.3, I cannot mount it with D-Tools. If I create the image and use FireBurner to check for corruptions, it tests clean (no errors at all). However, if I then mount it with (any version of) D-Tools, I cannot access the virtual driveI get unreadable or bad disc errors. What's more, is that if I take a BIN/CUE image that I create with CDRWin, it works just fine. However, if I then modify that same image with WinISO, it suddenly becomes unreadable/unmountable.

I know that this is technically a WinISO problem, but the thing is that if I burn that unmountable image to a disc, it's perfectly fine. That's why I'm posting here, there are no corruptions, and it is burnable. Why can I NOT mount it?

If it helps, CDMage seems to find plent of errors which are probably just trivial errors since again, I can burn it successfully.

I've seen a couple of old posts about this issue, but none have had a resolution.

19.06.2004, 10:32
The problem is probably that isos are usually created in RAW mode, while WinISO adds/changes stuff in cooked mode, thus corrupting the images. Create images with CDRWin in cooked mode (uncheck RAW checkbox), and WinISO-modified images should work fine.

19.06.2004, 18:32
Okay. But, is there any way to manipulate an image after it has been created? Is there a good program that can change from RAW<->cooked?