View Full Version : DAEMON TOOLS contains SPYWARE / TROJAN?

19.06.2004, 06:09
Operating System: win2k
Burning Software: nero enterpise 6
Anti-virus Software: norton 2002
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

maybe a wrong question to be asked on the wrong place.. but anyway...

does it contains some hidden code? like a trojan ? remote access software like ackcmd?

I found lots of time a mysterious (random) tcp port opened (using active ports or fport) under process name "system" . The port numbers found were 1039,1054,4488, etc. Only one such port opened at a time and it doesnt get opened right after each reboot. it usually happens when I have daemon set as autostarts.

the latest AV(norton/macfee) /spybot S&D reported nothing.

I am hoping to get some daemon-tools users to keep an eye on their list of ports opened using port monitoring software.


my system is win2k sp4 + lsass + rpc patch.
with upnp, dcom, remote XXX disabled
port 135,445 exist but plugged

19.06.2004, 09:39
No, Daemon Tools does NOT contain spyware!
Where did you download Daemon Tools? Did you get it from our download section?
Try to check your system with AdAware.

19.06.2004, 22:56
Operating System: Win XP Home
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Norman
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

My firewall blocks all outgoing traffic that I haven't approved of (it asks every time something tries to "get out", until I give permanent clearance to that process), and Daemon Tools has never tried to access the net on my system. This is more than likely a problem you've contracted from something else. If you've downloaded Daemon Tools from a different site than the main site, you might have gotten a tampered copy, though I don't think that is the cause of your problems.

19.06.2004, 23:31
Ok. I have enabled my firewall logs. and today I have incoming udp onp ort 3184 from my ISP DNS servers.

Look liks I am probed by the DNS Servers. ?!

SO it confirms Daemon-tools IS NOT RELATED to this issue. and doesnt contain any spyware/trojan. Thanks for the reply.

I am just too paranoid.

31.10.2010, 14:18
So, Avira with the latest virus defs reports this when I download the Lite version **directly from daemon-tools.cc site**

What am I missing here? Why should this be happening?

"TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen found in DTLite.exe"

31.10.2010, 19:07
False positive like known for Avira.