View Full Version : Can't download trial

Peter Griffin
22.06.2004, 19:52
The trial version link just leads back to the main page.

22.06.2004, 20:56
:?: which trial? Download link for v3.46 works fine ...

Peter Griffin
22.06.2004, 21:01
my mistake. I went to the "Register DAEMON Tools" section and that link doesn't work. I'll check the Downloads section now.

Peter Griffin
22.06.2004, 21:02
Might as well ask here. The Game Database doesn't have any links for the games or anything, do you only get to download games if you buy it or are you allowed to or what?

22.06.2004, 21:13
You should take a look at the board rules (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/rules.php) :!: