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23.06.2004, 00:21
Operating System: Win XP
Burning Software: MagicISO
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

Hi, I just started using Daemon Tools a few weeks ago...great program. Today I tried backing up Star Wars: KOTOR. I have the game installed on my computer already and made an .iso image from the play disc with MagicISO. When I mount the image to DT, it auto-loads the game. Now I keep getting stuck at the "Use the original CD, not a backup" screen. Help! :) Thanks in advance.

23.06.2004, 05:26
You will have to create your images of this game using an application capable of measure physical position of data for example Alcohol and use the "Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x)" datatype.

23.06.2004, 20:00
OK....just to confirm. Instead of making the image with MagicISO, I need to use Alcohol with the Securom settings and it should work? Thanks again. :D

23.06.2004, 20:11
Sorry for the double post. Hopefully you can answer this in the same thread. Is it legal to download images of retail games if you own a store bought copy. I know you can download roms of console games, but I just wondered if it's the same story with .iso formats.

23.06.2004, 21:11
No! Moreover there's no sense in downloading games if you own the original, 'cause they ususally lack all copy protection data - so create the images with all data needed from your original cds, and you won't have problems.
Btw downloading console games is also illegal!

23.06.2004, 21:26
Well, I got KOTOR to work finally with Alcohol. Somehow I've been under the impression that you were allowed to download roms for 24 hours and if you own it, you can keep it.