View Full Version : Driver file can not be recognized

23.06.2004, 04:16
Operating System: xp pro sp1
Burning Software: none
Anti-virus Software: norton antivirus 2004
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46


My machine was striked by a power-off during the installation process of 3,46 version. After system restartin, it report error when I tried to reinstall the program, ( When the installer was re-executed it would automatically start from the "resume installation", then the progress would stop at approxi the same place the last time it's stoped. :( )

I read the "Common problems and solutions" section regarding error 25002, and it seems to suggestin that some driver files from the previous install should be deleted from registry, system folder nd some other places, ( the broken install doesnt leave any record in the add/remove program panel ) before rerun the installer, but these daemon files dont seem to have anything special to be recognized from all the other system files. So anybody can give a clue? Thanks.

23.06.2004, 05:13
d346bus.sys and d346prt.sys are the default names of the files in latest version.

23.06.2004, 07:13
Thanx a lot Nars, after the deletion, the reinstall was completed successfully. :wink: