View Full Version : Can't open .bin images

27.06.2004, 18:34
Operating System: Win2000SP4
Burning Software: Nero6, Demon 3.46, Alcohol 120%
Anti-virus Software: NIS2004
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

I've bought Panzers:Phase one and created a .bin image. When i want to open it with Demon-Tools, it can't find it. It's even not in the list of the supported files, wich appears, if you want to mount a image. What can I do?

27.06.2004, 19:12
Forget bin images, they lack important copy protection data. Re-create the image from your original with either Alcohol or Blindwrite - then try again.

28.06.2004, 16:02
But I lent the 3cds to a good friend who i will see next on monday, and i don't want to wait so long. is there any possibility to open the image?

28.06.2004, 17:16
Operating System: -
Burning Software: -
Anti-virus Software: -
DAEMON Tools Version: -

which program did you use to create those images?