View Full Version : Searching a free forum for my upcoming webpage

27.06.2004, 21:31
As the topic says, I'm currently building a webpage - to be more exact, an online-graveyard filled with rotten zombies... It's nearly ready to be loaded up, but I just need a forum, of course!
I found some forums, but they are in my native language. I'm sure I'm not the only one who prefers an english forum for an english website!

Do anyone knows where to get a free forum? I don't have access to a root server (with php/sql), so I need a webservice, which offers free forums!

07.07.2004, 10:45
rapidforum.com ?

07.07.2004, 14:11
Yes, thank you, but I've already found a forum. So our graveyard-page is already online!
Visit www.thegraveyard.net.tc:


Make sure that you take a look at our great zombie-gallery!
BTW, I'm using the "createforum.com".

07.07.2004, 15:41
sorry, didnt check the date ;)