View Full Version : Noncomplient Cue sheets and flac image support

29.06.2004, 00:43
I think it would be great if you could use EAC's noncomplient cue sheets with Daemon Tools.

Flac support would also be very nice, should be quite easy cause of it's open source and high decoding speed.

Perhaps someone could write a plug-in for this functionality?

Some people at hydrogenaudio.org are also requesting these functions.

29.06.2004, 02:15
It is planned for the future (no ETA).

20.12.2004, 19:20
I too would greatly appreciate both these features:

- FLAC support (lossless audio format)

- EAC non-compliant cue sheet support.

Thanks for the top class work.

26.01.2006, 06:34
Any news on this?

27.01.2006, 06:13
Sorry, come back in 20 months http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/images/icons/icon10.gif.

In terms of real news on this: I don't know.