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30.06.2004, 13:48

I noticed on a computer that if you boot in safemode, the start suggestion is whistler, the guy who uses the computer has windows xp home (édition familiale in french) and I would like your point of view :

Is this a correct safemode start or has windows already been hacked by some worms (I noticed also the presence of PE BUGBEAR-B.O) and It is impossible to display the running tasks with CTRL ALT DEL (any idea about a way to display running tasks on this system will be also very precious).

Note also that at the begining I was unable to get the correct msconfig.exe behaviour (it opened a folder rather than the msconfig usual window).

Also there are several SVCHOST* file on C:\ .

May be this is for that that good created FDISK ?

Thanks a lot

30.06.2004, 15:39
Looks like there's more junk than decent software on that harddisk. Format/reinstall will probably be quicker than trying to clean up the mess ;)