View Full Version : Error during installation

02.07.2004, 08:32
Operating System: Win2kpro
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: latest

During initial install, everything worked fine, except that the installer rebooted without prompting. (!!)

Upon reboot, uninstall was performed, another reboot, and a second attempt at install was tried. Pressing install recieves the prompt "Unable to Extract Installer", which sounds like a corrupted file. Deletion and re-downloading (multiple times, differnt clients, etc) does not solve the problem. I *believe* that uninstall was succesfull as there is no reamaining evidence in the registry of it, and I have read the FAQ forum.


09.07.2004, 11:23
Does anyone have any ideas here, even if it's obivous and I might have misssed it?