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06.07.2004, 12:51
The online-graveyard with rotten zombies has been opened for visitors!
Come to www.thegraveyard.net.tc:


Many new zombie rose from their graves to become undead beings.
You can watch them in the incredible graveyard's gallery!

Visit www.thegraveyard.net.tc today!


11.07.2004, 21:41
Even more corpses have risen and are now crowding the graveyard, like this evil one:


If this isn't even funny enough, you can actually *hear* the zombies groaning when you visit the graveyard! We have massenweise zombies - www.thegraveyard.net.tc

16.07.2004, 21:52
We've added a new topic to our scary graveyard: The MOZART(tm)! Even the original Mozart rose from his grave to present this:

http://people.freenet.de/graveyard/pics/mozart_aufmacher.jpg (www.thegraveyard.net.tc)


29.07.2004, 21:26
:D What do you think of zombie-comics (click to view it)??
Soon, more will follow on our graveyard site!

http://people.freenet.de/graveyard/etc/forum/critter.jpg (http://www.zombies.net.tc)

(If you've cached our site: The comic is also in the MOZART-area.)

19.01.2005, 16:19
Just interested - did anyone bookmark our zombie-graveyard (zombies.net.tc)? I'm planning new stuff & updates right now for the site, so... are there a few zombie fans in this forum? (As I'm the official board zombie I must keep up my reputation :wink: )

Edit: American McGee is hosting some awesome zombie pictures here (http://www.americanmcgee.com/romero/) - I especially like the butcher zombie (http://www.americanmcgee.com/romero/mse_butcher.jpg).