View Full Version : using daemon-tools as a replacement for VirtualCD4

28.12.2002, 13:04

I read that daemon-tools can be used a replacement for
Virtual CD. So I installed v3.26 and when I click on
the tray-icon and then click on "device 0: [I:] No Media",
it asks me for a CD-Image.
Is this the right way to create "virtual" cds ?

If so, how can I create .iso images with nero ? I was only able
to save a .nri image.

thanks a lot,

28.12.2002, 13:43
If you have Nero installed (recommended to update to v5.5.10.0);
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just install Nero ImageDrive via the ImageDrive-Installer-Icon in the Ahead-Nero-program group, and you can mount Neros .nrg-images with Daemon Tools, too :wink:

28.12.2002, 18:11
I have an OEM-Version of Nero: " bundled", and
I can't find "Imagedrive" in the "ahead nero" program-group
(I only see "burning rom", "cover designer" and "wave editor")

So where can I find this add-on ? (I don't want to _buy_ a new
version of nero!)

thanks a lot,

28.12.2002, 18:50
Well, I do not know, but just give it a try: download the latest Nero version and try to update your bundled - you should see a Nero ImageDrive Installer icon in the Nero program group.