View Full Version : How to turn off the virtual drive?

07.07.2004, 16:30
Operating System: Windows XP PRO
Burning Software: No CD Burner on this system
Anti-virus Software: Norton System Works 2004
DAEMON Tools Version: Daemon Tools 3.29

I am new to this forum so i first want to say HI!!!!

My question is this:
When i am done using the Daemon Tools and i uncheck (in the options)
Automount and Autostart the program does not Autostart but it still shows the drive in My Computer.How do i get that drive from stop showing when i boot up and i am not using the program?

I am using Daemon Tools 3.29
Thx for any help anyone can give me


07.07.2004, 16:56
I don't know why you want to do that, but the only thing you have to do is set the number of devices to 0.

07.07.2004, 17:18
Thx for the help Copytrooper.

I dont do that but i set a friend up with the Daemon Tools so he can burn a .ISO image i gave him(he had a old version of Roxio witch dont copy .ISO's) and now he dont like having the extra drive,LOL
He is kind of funny with stuph like that.He realy dont know much about PC's at all.
So thx again for the help