View Full Version : ManHunt Blacklisted

08.07.2004, 13:21
Hi to all !!
I'm a new spanish user!
Sorry if I don't write as correctly as other users.
Manhunt ( as Hitman Contrats ) is blacklisted (both Securom 5.03.xxxx)

In the other hand, it seems Starforce 3 appears more frecuently in games.
I hope Developers ( LocutusofBorg, VeNoM386, Copytrooper, Andareed and others ) can beat this protection soon.
Good look for all of them and other developers of programs like Alcohol and Blindwrite. I think they are working very hard.

Thanks to all of them.

Toca Race Driver 2 (DVD) Starforce 3.33.xxxx
Obscure (DVD) Starforce 3.36.xxxx

I used A-Ray Scanner by R!co.