View Full Version : Mounting Directory as CDROM in win98

08.07.2004, 17:49
If DAEMON Tools does not support mounting a directory as CDROM, then can someone please point me to a program that does?

03.09.2004, 18:34
(The board-zombie has reanimated itself and begins to post again! :D)

DirMount, you've two choices (btw, your name will perfectly fit when creating other topics in the future :o):

a) Use a simple image creator like WinISO. Unfortunately, this might not be what you want to hear.

b) Don't be focussed on cd-roms. In - I think all - windows systems there is the common "subst"-command to create a drive (hdd-like) from a specific folder. Example:
You want to have an additionally drive which contains only the folder "C:\windows\system32" for quickly accessing it. With the subst command, you can create this additionally drive in windows.

For the specific usage of SUBST, type "subst /?" into the console.