View Full Version : A button to turn all emulation options on/off

28.12.2002, 14:48
First thanks to ad Alcohol RMPS support with next release. If you ad this it would be easy to ad a button that enables/disables all emulation in Daemon tools. I know I'm lazy, but it would require just a few lines of code and would be usefull.
Can I ask how ready the new version is? If not please ignore this question


28.12.2002, 15:27
Maybe we'll make such option because you ask so kindly;-)

28.12.2002, 20:37
Thanks Venom, you are the best

02.01.2003, 14:21
I have not made this option yet in the 3.29 release made today, but it is already present in next beta.

05.02.2003, 02:47
sorry for this dumb question, but why do u need this ?

i always turn on every emulation and just leave it as is

aldo vargas
05.02.2003, 07:09
Maybe this helps: DAEMount 1.51 has the turn ON/OFF all emulations.

I leave all the emulations on too :lol:

05.02.2003, 07:13
Personally, I woulnd't find this useful, since I never use any emulations...

07.02.2003, 22:12
I think you will need it for future copy protections, it has already begun with RMPS emulation, that you need to pla certain games, in my oppinion if you will need more and more emulation for the next copy protections.

Thank you Aldo, its really not an urgent thing, its just nice for doing some tests sometimes.

Isn't it like in Office? Most people don't even use the basic things, and thats the way it is wits daemon-tools.

07.02.2003, 23:02
@player1: Why not just leave rmps always on then?

07.02.2003, 23:08
Of course it is best for most users to turn it on for most users, and its not very neccesary, but if I made a backup that doesn't work or if I get a disc with new copyprotection I like to play a bit with emulation, just to see what happens.

Lets just be happy that it will be in next version if you need it or not.