View Full Version : mounting bin is fine - launching game - 'insert disc'

18.07.2004, 04:11
Operating System: winXP home, SP1
Burning Software: none
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

Quick one for you smart guys...

Have the Warcraft 3 (.bin/.cue) files. It mounts properly, I can access everything on it on browsing. Installation of the Game - perfect.

Trying to load up the game gives an "Please Insert Disc" error.
All Emulation/Options have been enabled, same thing.

Would burning the image on CD, loading in physical drive & loading up work for me? (I have looked up the proper Protection for WC3 in the GDB to burn the image...don't want to burn a CD and it be a waste!) ... Or is it something totally different?

Any posts, greatly appreciated.

18.07.2004, 09:09
How did you create the images? WC3 should work fine even from cooked image with emulation active.