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19.07.2004, 20:36
Is there any way to do this? Or is it planned to implent this? Or do you know any other program which can do that?


P.S. this cue-file doesn't work:
FILE "1.zip" ZIP
INDEX 01 00:00:00

->unknown file format :(

20.07.2004, 06:04
Is there any way to do this? Or is it planned to implent this?

Or do you know any other program which can do that?
Mount a zip in a virtual drive no, it makes no sense because zip is not a CD image format...

20.07.2004, 12:52
But I'be a lot of program-cds which is packed by the zip-format... I want zo have anything like the virutal cd folder for winxp, but or win2000 and the possibility to share these directories (or drives)

Any ideas?

20.07.2004, 20:22
Uncompress them... and then you may use NTFS real time compressed folders...

20.07.2004, 20:38
I don't really want to unpack 100 GB zip-files... And the NTFS compresssion ist much slower and uneffizent than zip-files

20.07.2004, 21:32
One could create .iso as an image , those are usually slower than other kinds of images!
But for ur problem it makes no sense ^^

20.07.2004, 21:34
ohh sry I have to correct myself I did not mean "slower" but smaller , sry my english is not perfect , *yet* :mrgreen:

21.07.2004, 15:02
ive found a compression tool called 7-zip can compress much better than zip.
the faster cpu and more ram you have the more viability of the extended compression dictionaries it hasbuilt in.
google it if u got time; it can save lots of space and obseletes even RAR.

21.07.2004, 17:24
One the main problems with compression is that most compression schemes use streaming, and not random access. But files on disk/cdrom are frequently accessed in random order.

21.07.2004, 17:32
But streaming would be enough as that are normal CDs vor Installations, most of them simply copy the file from CD-ROM to the HDD.

And if one program really need to access a file in random acces, it could be entpacked in real time, but that doesn't happen too often for installation-CDs.

A good example for streaming are most program-CDs from MS.

22.07.2004, 22:19
well.. MS programs don't actually stream. Not in the sense that a compressed file does anyway. An install loads up the files in an organized file system order, but uncompression loads up the files in the order the data was packed, and is often quite fragmented.

Nevertheless, I too, would like to see this feature implemented. Even if the accessed file has to be uncompressed before it can be used causing a delay. It would still be useful.

Does anyone know which image format is best for storing data that doesnt need any extended cd information? (ie, just the files, no need for a perfect cd duplicate) I have a 10GB program with lots of little files that I want to turn into a single image.

23.07.2004, 10:37
streaming means here that you read always a whole file in an archive, not only a piece, as you can do in e.g. iso-images

07.09.2004, 13:01
Yes, it would be wonderful to be able to mount images within archives (.zip, .rar) without having to extract them. Aren't there any windows programs that map archives to a folder. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you can mount .zip files in Linux.