View Full Version : mounting cue with bin files and getting .cda

29.12.2002, 10:30
Ok I am very unexperienced with cue creation. I wrote the .bin file with a registered version of Dart Karaoke, I own the audio, and it is for personal use. My Cd burner does not support CDG/.bin and it is not supported by CDRwin so I used CDRcue.

So anyway, my cue looks like this...

File "C:blah\blah\Karaoke-3am.bin
Track 01 CDG
Index 01 00:00:00

When I mount this I get a .cda file?

Please help me. Thanks

29.12.2002, 13:41
You must ensure each sector inside bin is 2448 bytes (2352 data + 96 subs).