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21.07.2004, 07:15
Operating System: win 2000
Burning Software: nero 6, fire burner 2.2.1, cdmage
Anti-virus Software: virusscan 7.1
DAEMON Tools Version: latest thing u have here

tried installing this after formatting when its done the screen goes blue and it says something about a problem in scsiport.sys and dose a dump of phisical memory - i guesss there is a port conflict. the pc rebooted and now tools dosnt work (language support problem) but i cant uninstall it - its not in my add\remove section and setup dosnt give the option it just says it will complete install but it cant cause the bus name is taken (obviously)...

can some1 pleeeaaaassseee! help i really dont want this to mess my ports or anything at least how to uninstall the program and ports manually so everything is gone


21.07.2004, 08:55
Check if you've minidump form that BSOD (in WinNT\Minidump folder), if so, send it to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.

21.07.2004, 09:36
there are a bunch of minidump forms i dont really know which 1 your talking about...

21.07.2004, 10:43
Well, don't know how many BSODs you got since that incident, but it'll probably be the newest one? ;)