View Full Version : Number of emulated drives

21.07.2004, 14:43
I'd like more than 4 drives.
i'd like at least 8.
I dont care if thatsnot acceptable;
daemon tools is cripple ware compared to others.
I can't afford those others.
:roll: :wink: :)

21.07.2004, 16:49
Daemon Tools will not allow more than 4 virtual drives, if you need more than 4 virtual drives there are some other solutions like Alcohol 52% or Alcohol 120% products. I suggest that you look at Alcohol 52%, it is at half price until 1st of August :)

27.07.2004, 00:11
sure pal you buy it for me then.

27.07.2004, 12:42
at least Daemon Tools is free....

if you can't afford Alcohol 120% or 52%, I fear there's nothing we
can do for you. Also I close this thread. And I add a new board-rule
to never ever request more than 4 drives. We don't do it for now. Period.

It is already mentioned at several threads.